News SEO for Publishers Covering the Coronavirus Pandemic

News SEO optimization is crucial to publishers, they understand why optimizing stories for Google and Google News is so important. Greg Jarboe (@gregjarboe) shared some great SEO News tips and tools. Get started with implementing News SEO as a publisher while covering stories during the coronavirus pandemic.

How Coronavirus is Impacting Marketing and Web Traffic

Because NP Digital ad agency works with hundreds of companies in all the major sectors with 7 offices around the world. They are already starting to see how Coronavirus is impacting marketing and web traffic. Last week NP Digital saw huge drops in organic traffic for most industries they are tracking.

MOZ Whiteboard: SEO in 2020

There’s a lot going on in 2020 in the SEO world, in this MOZ Whiteboard Friday Britney Muller (@BritneyMuller) will tell you about the little important SEO things to pay attention to in 2020. SEO in 2020 is super! Optimizing a website may involve working on a lot of tiny little details, so… be prepared.

What To Expect From SEO in 2020?

We all know how SEO works and many of us will have specialisms or approaches to SEO we feel get results quicker, but with vague updates and unannounced tweaks to algorithms, is it becoming harder to adhere to Google’s guidelines? In 2020 and beyond, and… as always; Google is likely to throw a couple of… Read more What To Expect From SEO in 2020?

Microsoft Lists SEO as the Most Important Hard Skill for Marketers

A study published by Microsoft aims to identify the most important trends in marketing for the 2020s. The study contains a section on trends in marketing skills, with lists of the most important skills for marketers over the next decade. At the top of the list of important hard skills is search engine optimization.