How To Get More Search Traffic In 2020

Search Traffic

The search engine optimization game may have changed for your search traffic due to the several factors that has been affecting online business recently.

However, there are new search traffic techniques that you could make use of, and SEO trends to follow, which will give your website advantage.

Google Search News

A few days ago, Google has released Web Stories; a new WordPress plugin which makes it super easy to publish stories on your website.

The plugin is still a Beta version in its early stages of development, and it’s ready for you to test it out and report bugs.

What are Google Web Stories?

As explained in SEJ in this post; Google Web Stories is a new form of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is content that is meant to be consumed in small chunks.

Each page of a Web Story contains a maximum of 10 words. The recommended size of a Web Story is between four and 30 pages. Share

Search Engine Optimization

A well working technique for getting more traffic from Google and other search engines is to optimize your content with snippet bait.

This video by Brian Dean @Backlink explains the idea.

So, the overall idea is to get into the Featured Snippets, which shows above other search results.

A way to go, it to add structured data to your website, which help you to gain rich results. If you are using WordPress, you can make use of a plugin like Schema Premium to do so. Share