Google’s Response to the Coronavirus

COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports

Goggle respond to Coronavirus with few changes to their search engine, and other services. Their actions include launching information and resources hubs, making temporary policy changes to Google My Business, and offering support for new structured data types.  Check this rundown for more about these changes.

No More Rich Results for Structured Data

Google dropped support for structured data and recommends switching to vocabulary. So, if you haven’t made the move to markup, your website is left behind and probably rich snippets will disappear from website search results. This could mean big loss of web traffic.

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

Google is testing and changing how snippets look now and also making tweaks to the duplication of featured snippets. So all of this may not just impact the tracking tools but how people click on the search results to your site and thus your traffic from Google organic search.